Purple basic socks

Pattern: my basic sock pattern

Knitted for: Me

Wool used (colourway): Regia Hand-dye effect (06553)

Needle: 2.5mm

Ravelry Project Link: here

Cross stitch number two is finished. I love how much difference the backstitching makes to the whole piece. I haven’t decided what I’m doing about framing the pair of them yet but am contemplating putting them into hoops. They’re both 4in by 4in so not very big and I suspect they were designed in hoops as the stitched area fits just right inside the circle. I’ve started on my next project, it’s quite a small one but it’s for a gift for later in the year so will stay a secret for now.

Cross stitch

I’ve made a little progress on my sock, I’m onto the gusset increases so have knit maybe 2 inches. Hoping to get past the heel this week. My sock yarn blanket is also growing slowly but I’m still enjoying it which is good. It’s going to be a riotous mismatch of colours.

WiPs - 3

Playing with beads

One of the things Hobbit received for her birthday was a number of packets of brightly coloured beads and she likes to do ‘sewing’ with them. She’s using a tapestry needle and has quite a lot of fine threading them on to make necklaces. While she’s doing that she’s quite happy for Mum to play with beads too even though mine involve pliers instead of a needle. I’ve made a bunch more stitch markers in varying sizes as well as a few pairs of earrings and a necklace. I probably won’t end up keeping them all but most of the fun is in the making.

Stitch Markers

I also had a go at making a shawl pin out of some thick aluminium wire and have enough to try out some more too. I’ve plans to make Mum a necklace for her birthday so I’d better get on to that next time I’m playing with beads or it won’t get around the world in time.


So my socks are in exactly the same state as they were last week. I got distracted by cross stitch of all things. I’ve had three kits floating around for several years (two barely started and the other not at all) but haven’t touched them in a long time. One of my goals for the year was to make some progress on them so I suppose working on them is not completely odd. I’ve been trying to think of a couple of gifts (long term ones) and came across a cross stitch kit for one that was perfect but didn’t think I should start a new kit before I made some progress on the ones I had already. One is now finished and I’ve been making good progress on the other in the pair (the designs are actually sort of a set of 4 but I don’t like the other two in the line). I haven’t done anything about ironing or framing the first yet as I plan to keep them as a pair.

Cross stitchI’ve now purchased the kit I wanted plus another one for another gift and I’ve added a number of other ones to my wish-list. Of course I’ll need to make more progress before I can justify buying another one just for fun.

I’m really quite enjoying it and although I didn’t mean to completely neglect my socks the combination of working on this at nap time and being to tired to want to knit in the evenings they’ve fallen by the wayside.

On the go…

I now have a sock and a bit. I think I’m about halfway through the foot before starting the gusset increases. It’s been going a bit slower than the last as I’ve also been working on my sock yarn blanket. I started making a blanket out of my leftover sock yarn (I get about 25 to 35 grams per pair) a long while back but changed my mind over the working of it. I was requiring I work through the whole of the scrap ball before I changed colour and because of the way the pattern worked it was a bit slow going. I’m now using Martine’s (of imake) Patchwork Recipe. It’s worked in squares and I’m joining as I go (in fact I’m making sure to pick up the new square when I finish one). I’ve only got a few squares at the moment but I’m going to aim for 2 a week for the rest of the year to make some progress (and make a dent in the scraps of sock yarn). It’s an easy to memorise pattern and the squares don’t take very long (or very much concentration) so good for little chunks of time when I don’t know how long I’ll get. I’ve not made a colour plan at all but am just pulling out colours as I go.

Socks and Sock Blanket



Half a sock

So I finished the Fractal Cowl, and got working on the pair of socks I’d had living in my hospital bag (with the toe of one done). I wasn’t exactly expecting to work on them in labour or anything but wanted them there in case I got stuck in the hospital for most of a week like I did with the Hobbit. In the end they didn’t make it out of the bag but it was great to have the toe already done so I could just work round and round and round for a while. Progress slowed down again over the weekend as I was sick and working the heel but it’s done now and I can go back to going round and round for a while. They’re just a plain pair of socks using Rowan Hand Dye Effects yarn that I picked up on sale sometime last year.

Purple basic socksI haven’t made any further progress on the Heather Hoodie Vest unfortunately because although it’s chunky (and on 6mm needles) it’s also got cables multiple cables across the rows and it’s proving a little bit much for my brain at the moment. Oh well it’ll hopefully get done before summer arrives.

FO: Fractal Cowl

Fractal Cowl

Pattern: Fractal Cowl

Desginer: Emily Peters

Knitted for: Me?

Wool used (colourway): Drops Delight (12) and Drops Fabel (beige)

Needle: 3mm

Any problems/changes: Not sure I like the colourway – I’d meant to buy a different one so possibly going to use it for a present.

Ravelry Project Link: here


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